July 2008 





Thomson Foundation merger with Reuters Group to generate group "Thomson Reuters," which is considered one of the largest companies in the information world.

The new group hopes to be able to overcome slowing financial sector in the world thanks to a variety of services including financial services, legal and health.

The shares began trading the new company founded to buy Thomson Foundation for Reuters Group versus $ 16 billion on Thursday.

Thomson and Reuters announced on the first day that it would reconsider the purchase worth $ 500 million of its shares during the current year.

The new company is headed by former Chief Executive of Reuters Tom Jlosr.

The "Thompson Reuters" news services and electronic information to the investment fund managers and analysts also provides databases and other services in the area of information for lawyers, accountants, scientists and health-care industry.

The annual revenues of the new company which will be based in New York to $ 12.5 billion and has 50 thousand staff and more than 40 thousand clients in 155 countries.
The roots of the roots of Thomson Reuters

The roots of the work Thompson is due in 1934, when deployment to Roy Thomson bought one the residents of Toronto Press Timinz company in Northern Ontario. Thompson was known for the diversity of its activities, which included at some manufacturing processes pretzel ice cream.

The Thompson family has worked since then in the areas of publication of books, newspapers and was at one time had Times newspaper published in London. The family also operated television stations and tourism companies and oil exploration.

Thompson and sold in The Times in 1981 and focused on the dissemination of information when it sold its interests in oil in the North Sea in 1989 and tourism in the company in 1998 and sold her unit operating in the area of education compared to 7.75 billion dollars last year.

The Reuters began work in 1851 when Paul Julius German-born Reuters transferred to the Stock Exchange, share prices between London and Paris via cable between Calais in France and Dover in England and before that was used to transport the carrier pigeon stock prices between Aachen in Germany and Brussels in Belgium