August 2008 




Less search engine Google browser to compete with multi-resource Internet Explorer and Firefox.

A new browser to be lighter and quicker to meet the new generation of electronic applications multiple ways.

He was released on this new browser - called "Krom" (Chrome) - for use across Windows programs in a hundred countries, to be used in accordance with the Mac and Linux programs later.

He said Sundar Matic Deputy Chief measure search engine production in the code of the Google: "We realized we need to radically rethink the browser."

When Google Apps variety such as "documents" or "maps" and seeking a good browser to take advantage of the great development witnessed by the world of the Internet.

Matic said, "What we aspire to rule the Internet is a modern, diverse and inclusive."

The release version "beta" from the browser groves another storming of the field of personal computers, which is exclusive to Microsoft.

And controlled the Internet Explorer Internet Explorer on Microsoft's online area by 80 per cent