July 2008 





Granting the Executive Director of Microsoft Corporation, Steve Palmer, Thursday, hoping for lovers XP system, which the company declared abandoned and not sold from June.

The Associated Press quoted Palmer as saying, before the university in Belgium, a request that customers may pay the company to reconsider its decision.

Although he stressed that "the majority of people who buy the PC devices these days asking them Vista system" but Palmer said it was smart to deal with the demands of clients.

He said, "that this fact confirmed by the figures, but if you disagree echo returned by customers, it can always be smarter."

The supporters of Windows XP,, since the duration of a campaign organized on the Internet in order to induce the company to back down on its decision.

The protesters say that their system is a favorite even better system, Windows Vista, which says that the company's finest products after it fired the beginning of the year, however, did not welcome hoped.

And signed the petition since January more than 160 thousand people.

The Microsoft Corporation of the software had recently confirmed reports about what I intention update the operating system posed by last year's "Windows Vista" Vista, and a free update to download, after some stores sell copies of the free service packs